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Do One Brave Thing – education and brand awareness campaign against extremism, radicalization & “fake news”

A creative campaign to motivate young people to fight against extremism, radicalization and fake news through practical and innovative methods.


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The Client

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The Peace Action, Training and Research Institute of Romania (PATRIR) is an independent, non-governmental and non-profit organization, active in Romania and internationally since March 2001. The Institute works to support peace building and the constructive transformation of conflicts through peaceful means.

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The Challenge

As an independent, non-profit organization, PATRIR wanted a campaign that underlines the necessity of solving conflicts to peaceful methods, while also educating the youth on the importance of checking your facts and having a neutral approach when it comes to conflict.

The Approach

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Our main focus for this campaign was their platform: Do One Brave Thing where you can find all the resources necessary to educate yourself on matters likes fake news, radicalization or extremism. You can even check news links to see if they are worthy of sharing with others.

This is why we created an ad campaign that clearly underlines and delivers the message of the platform.

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The Process

Do One Brave Thing

As mentioned above, one of the things we needed to promote of their “Do One Brave Thing” platform, that offers relevant information and educational content on extremism and radicalization.

In order to promote this, we focused on key messaging like “raise your voice”, learn how to be brave online”, or “make a change in your community.”

Stop Fake News

The other thing that wee needed to promote was their web service called BRAVE, that invites you to check your news links before you distribute them, to see if they present the facts as it is, or if they are fake news.

We focused on key messaging, with phrases like “is it worth the share?”, “check before you share”, or “join the fight against fake news”.

Our Work​

Media Plan & Strategy
Campaign Messaging
Campaign Design
Web Design
Meta Ads

Our primary goal with this campaign was motivate young people to educate themselves and use their fake news service. We did this through the messaging, the ads & the website. 

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