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Nordés Summer Flavors

Brand awareness campaign for Nordés Gin

Key to a successful brand awareness campaign: gin, competition & cocktails, along with high community engagement and user-generated content from the participants.


Brand awareness campaign through a cocktail competition

  • Client

    IBS & Nordés Gin

The client

IBS is a Romanian company with Dutch roots with over 10 years of experience in alcoholic beverages. In recent years they have started bringing exclusive drinks to the Romanian market, trying to make local consumers more aware of high-quality, premium drinks.

One of these products is Nordés Gin. Nordés is the first Atlantic Galician Gin, with a different flavor which is a breath of fresh air and is revolutionizing the world of gin as we know it.

The challenge

New to the Romanian market, Nordés Gin needed a campaign to make it more recognizable at a national level, increasing demand amongst the end consumer. The standard advertising campaign was excluded from the start. We needed a more creative way to make it well-known amongst cocktails and gin lovers in the country.

The approach

Our main focus for this campaign and the general objectives were to build brand recognition for Nordés and effectively increase engagement with the brand at the highest ROI. We also wanted to build a community around the brand and the campaign while also producing a lot of UGC (user-generated content).

In order to do this we created a concept campaign called “Nordés Summer Flavors”, a competition open to the general public, where they could participate by creating their own cocktail recipe in order to win cash prizes and vouchers.

The competition would require participants to film themselves making the cocktail and photograph the final product in order to be considered to win.


The process

The first step was to create brand awareness for the campaign by creating paid ads and distributing the campaign amongst the bartender community.

To join the competition, participants had to sign-up on our client’s website with their email addresses and social media accounts. Then, we selected the finalists with the help of a professional bartender and send them a Nordés cocktail kit. The finalists had to create their own cocktail, film it, photograph it, and send it to us.

They had 1 month to do so.

The last step of the campaign was to process the content they sent with the help of our guest judge and select the best ones for the final vote, done on our client’s Facebook page. People were able to support their favorites through likes, shares, and comments.

The winners were selected based on the votes from the online community. Initially, we had 3 prizes, but we decided to include special prizes for the finalists who were not professional bartenders, but created fun content and were appreciated by the community.

Our work

Campaign concept
Media plan
Web design
Cocktail kit & merchandise design
Facebook and Instagram ads

Our main focus for this campaign was to create eye-catching visuals and copy that goes with the concept of the campaign and the product. We wanted to make it look young and colorful and attract a younger audience that loves getting involved in competitions and enjoys cocktails and good products.

Besides the main visuals for social media and ads, we created a dynamic landing page for the sign-up process that was simple yet effective. We also made sure the cocktail kit has all the materials needed including merchandise and a guide for the competition.

The results

Video views

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Nordés Summer Flavors
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