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Brand creation with a twist: innovative mycelium products infused with southern Cook Islands mythology

Our team has worked to create a unique brand identity that communicates beyond just the product itself.


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The Client

rongo main logo

Rongo delivers naturally grown products for unique living experiences, combining the potential of the bio-fabrication using organic materials and the radical design inspired by nature. 

Their plan is to shorten the gap between Humans and Nature in their daily life. Their products stem from organically grown fungi, which makes them 100% natural. This helps the environment we live in to be more healthy, more natural and less polluted. Rongo’s purpose is to make a difference and create a more sustainable future for generations to come.

rongo main logo
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The Challenge

Rongo was ready to launch its product  into a highly competitive market, but one essential element was missing: branding.

Balloonline was in charge of transforming the product into a brand that would create an innovative customer experience.

Our Approach

To begin the brand-building process, Balloonline first established the company name, followed by creating an effective brand strategy. From there, to further bring the brand to life, we designed the visual identity of the brand: logo, color palette, typeface, stationery.

Our Work​

Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning

Our main focus was to create the identity of tha brand starting with the name, Rongo, and continuing with all aspects of its visual identity.

After naming the brand, we started by developing the brand strategy and we also implemented it by creating the visual identity.

We chose an appropriate color palette, a typeface that fits the brand, we created the logo and, after the logo was done, we also took care of the stationery design.

Throughout this process, we maintained close collaboration with our client, ensuring that the end result met their specific needs and the project checked all their requirements.

Designing The Brand's Core

Rongo is taking over the interior design industry with a new and different perspective compared to other brands on the market. Our team dedicated efforts to define the values, mission, and vision for an innovative brand that combines the potential of the bio-fabrication using organic materials and the radical design inspired by nature.

This brand offers more than just aesthetically pleasing interiors; it provides transparency and assures quality. Their materials are thoughtfully selected, grown in a sustainable manner, and designed for easy maintenance. Choosing Rongo means embracing a lifestyle that advocates innovative, eco-friendly living, where home reflects both your taste and your commitment to a better, more responsible future.

Positioning The Brand

Rongo is strategically positioned in the market as a pioneering brand that redefines interior design through innovation and environmental responsibility.

Unlike many competitors, Rongo replaces traditional plastic materials while significantly reducing carbon emissions and energy consumption. This innovative approach not only benefits the environment, but also provides customers with distinctive, eco-friendly choices for their living spaces.

Rongo is not just a brand, it’s a movement. They set themselves apart from the other brands due to their cutting-edge materials and fresh perspectives on what interior design should be.


The naming inspiration came from the Māori language.
“Rongo” in Māori mythology is associated with agriculture, peace, and sustainability. This choice of name suggests a connection to natural and organic themes, which aligns with
the project’s core values and its focus on eco-friendly materials and practices.

By adopting this name, the project conveys a sense of harmony with nature and a commitment to sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions.

logo image inspiration


In southern Cook Islands mythology, Rongomātāne was the god of cultivated foods and agriculture and he was also the god of peace.

The logo was designed based on the idea of Māori symbol, Koru. The Koru is a spiral shape based on the appearance of a new unfurling silver fern frond.

It is an integral symbol in Māori art, carving and tattooing, where it symbolises new life, growth, strength and peace.

rongo logo variations

Stationery Design

For the project, our attention to detail extended also to stationery design. We understood that the stationery items would serve as tangible representations of the brand’s identity and professionalism in various business interactions.

Once the visual identity was set, we crafted the stationery items. Each element was designed to integrate the brand’s color palette, typography, and logo, ensuring a consistent look across all materials.

Our focus on stationery design was not just about aesthetics but also about functionality. We aimed to provide our client with stationery that not only showcased their brand but also facilitated effective communication and left a lasting impression on recipients.

Rongo businesscards mockup

The Results

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