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350% ROAS with high ticket advertising

Targeting, retargeting, retargeting, retargeting and some great doctors are what it takes to sell 86 tickets, in 4 countries, for a 4-day conference in healthcare


Paid Advertising and Web Design for dental event

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    Master Level Romania

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    Bucharest, Romania

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The client

Master Level is a training concept for dentists, created by Dr.Łukasz Lassmann enriching their knowledge in the field. They work for perfecting modern methods of treatment and have participated in numerous international courses at the University of North Carolina, USA, University of California Los Angeles, USA, Mediterranean Prosthodontic Institute, Spain, Dental Practice of Mykhaylyuk, Ukraine. Doctors who stand out due to their great knowledge, passion and commitment to students join this training program every year.

Endo Events brought Master Level for the first time in Romania, in 2019, for a 4-day workshop on Full Mouth Reconstruction and Clinical Occlusion.

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The challenge

Balloonline was in charge of the event advertising. With a 9-week deadline, we had to establish the marketing strategy, build up a funnel, create a landing page, work on the social media presence, and sell the tickets.

The challenge within the tight deadline was selling high-tickets for a new event that was not backed up by a long-term established brand, to a cold audience in Romania, Moldavia, Bulgaria, and Croatia. Due to these circumstances, we couldn’t benefit from all the advantages of a trained pixel or previous marketing efforts and had to start from scratch.

Our approach

Using a landing page with only one clear purpose, we leveraged the impressive experience and well-built brand of Dr.Łukasz Lassmann in order to develop trust among potential clients.

During the 2 months, we have launched and tested over 30 ad groups, targeting 4 countries.


Web design
Content writing
Email marketing
Marketing funnel
Paid Ads strategy
Youtube Ads
Google Ads
Facebook Ads

Our team used Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Youtube Ads as advertising platforms. Afterwards, we strengthened the conversion rate and the retargeting campaigns performance with email marketing automation, follow up calls, and reminders sent from the billing software.

The results

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