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Lead generation campaign for a
Gen Z audience

What do you do when you have to promote a career platform to young people? You make a Tik Tok campaign, of course.


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The client

FiveKeep is a simplified, efficient, and always-available recruitment platform that helps people with difficulties in choosing their careers. With an in-house team of psychologists and analysts, they developed a web platform where candidates can discover what vocation fits their socio-professional typology and then match candidates with compatible employers.

The challenge

Our client needed help with communicating the employee benefits of the platform, spreading out the message to young people, and encouraging them to take the socio-professional tests that will give them a motivational profile.

Beyond convincing young people to register on the platform, our challenge was to make their parents understand the importance of these socio-professional tests in the future career of their kids.

The approach

Our main focus for the campaign was to appeal to the emotional benefits that applied to both teenagers and parents, discovering their desires and expectations, based on which, our team developed a marketing strategy and built a complete funnel that we customized for the 2 audiences: Generation Z and their parents.

A “discover yourself” campaign for the Gen Z

keyword: empowering

The focus for the younger generation was to empower and encourage them to choose the career they desire, make no compromises, and be the main character in their career-choosing journey. 

Using concise and eye-catching creatives, our team launched TikTok and Instagram campaigns with the purpose of winning a few seconds of our audience’s time and convincing them to visit our landing page. Our complete funnel allowed for a quick sign-up and an efficient email remarketing approach.

And a “believe in your kid” campaign for their parents

keyword: support

For the parents, we took a different approach. We know how much they want to help their children thrive, to the point where instead of supporting them with their desired career, they push them to choose what they think is right.

That is why, we wanted to offer a wake-up call to parents to work together with their children and let them figure out what they want to do with their careers for themselves. To make parents’ jobs easier, we used Facebook Ads to take them to a dedicated section on the landing page.

The Work

Brand positioning
Campaign strategy & concept
Web design
Campaign implementation
Email automation

Our main focus for this campaign was to attract the gen Z audience and convince them to take the motivational tests our client wanted to promote. This is why we wanted to create catchy visuals and key messages like “Be the main character in your story” or “Did you find your vibe?” that will get the message across. 

Besides the main visuals for social media and ads, we created a dynamic landing page for the sign-up process that was simple yet informative for both children and parents. We also prepared a newsletter-like email sequence where subscribers can get more information about the platform and how it can help them.

The results


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