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Unleashing Freedom: Zoomies – A Hybrid Car Rental Revolution

Brand and marketing strategy, brand identity and social media for an emerging rent-a-car that plans to change the way you travel.


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The Client

zoomies main logo

In a world where environmental awareness and the desire for exploration intersect, Zoomies decided it wanted to change the game on the car rental market. At the crossroads of sustainability and style, Zoomies wanted to redefine what it means to hit the road.

zoomies main logo
red suzuki on off-road terrain

The Challenge: Bringing a Concept to Life

The name “Zoomies” isn’t just a catchy title. It embodies the exhilarating feeling of freedom that comes with going on an adventure. Drawing inspiration from the term used to describe the playful bursts of energy in dogs and cats, we harnessed the essence of boundless movement and carefree exploration.

Brand Strategy and Identity

Our collaboration went far beyond just coming up with a name; instead, we developed a comprehensive brand strategy that organically conveyed the power of their hybrid cars. The harmonious color scheme of lush greens and vivid blues echoed their dedication to environmentally friendly travel while evoking a sense of adventure.
branded office supplies, pen and post it notes

The Process

Marketing Campaigns and Strategy

The road to success required more than just a memorable name and an eye-catching logo.

We strategically mapped out a series of marketing campaigns that put Zoomies in the driver’s seat of their industry.

From engaging social media posts that focused on the beauty of eco-travel, to blog content on sustainable road trips, our strategy was to create content that resonated with a new generation that not only love travel, but are also passionate about the environment.

Social Media Marketing

We used social media as a canvas to tell the narrative of Zoomies. We showcased the clean aesthetics of their hybrid fleet through captivating posts, transforming eco-friendly vehicles into trust-worthy partners for their trips.

With a carefully crafted social media strategy, we engaged audiences, sparked conversations, and built a community.

People started seeing Zoomies as more than just a car rental service – it became a concious choice for all of their adventures.

The Work

Brand Identity
Brand Strategy
Marketing and social media strategy
Marketing campaigns

By identifying key touchpoints in the customer journey, we ensured Zoomies was present at every stage, from the first spark of interest to the exciting moment when clients embarked on their journey with the client’s hybrid cars.

Our data-driven strategy resulted in individualized experiences that piqued the interest of potential new clients.

The Results

Our partnership with Zoomies was a great success.

Through our branding, marketing campaigns, and strategy, we helped them carve out a niche on a highly competitive market.

Zoomies evolved from a vague concept into a well-known brand, a name that is now synonymous with eco-aware adventure and the freedom to explore without boundaries.

Zoomies was more than just a client; it was a shared vision that showcased the power of collaboration.

As a marketing and branding agency, we specialize in transforming ideas into captivating stories that resonate with audiences.

Just as we partnered with Zoomies to create a movement, we can partner with you to tell your story to your audience.

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