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Marketing Trends to look out for in 2022

Marketing trends are constantly evolving as companies and brands are continuously trying to use the latest resources available and make quick responses to the latest changes and trends in the marketplace. 

To help your business grow in 2022, here are some marketing trends to keep an eye on this year.

Influencer marketing will become a common marketing tactic

Influencer marketing has grown to a $14 billion dollar industry. Even so, a lot of small businesses still feel skeptical about using influencer campaigns to promote their brand or business. We understand why. It’s still relatively new and there’s not an exact science behind it.

Even so, we think that this tactic has a lot of value to it. According to a Matter Communications survey, it shows that 61% of consumers trust influencers’ recommendations.

balloonline note: Micro-influencing can work better for small businesses since they have a more tight-knit community and are more likely to make purchases based on recommendations.

Gen Z will become more influential on how brands are seen and used

As a population, Gen Z is not necessarily a target audience for many businesses since they don’t have yet a big purchase power. However, they do have a big influence on both millennials and GEN Xers when it comes to their purchases.

To be able to connect with this generation, businesses need to be bolder in how we support their values. This means brands should include more social responsibility in their branding and be more vocal when it comes to diversity and inclusion.

balloonline note: Brands should be more open-minded and bolder when it comes to their brand, as rigid practices won’t work for younger audiences.

Facebook will see a loss in audience

With all the changes in branding and all the issues with the platforms, a big part of its audience is migrating to other platforms. Millennials are leaving it behind, Gen Z doesn’t even use it anymore and even brands are starting to use it less.

balloonline note: Unless your target audience is strictly Gen X, you should start building your brand on other platforms like Tik Tok, Pinterest, Instagram and even Quora.

Portrait of young couple making video with smartphone outdoors on street, tik tok concept.

According to HubSpot, in 2022, 89% of global marketers plan to invest and keep investing in short-form of video content such as tik-toks and reels in order to reach a bigger audience.

Long-form video content is useful if you want to offer in-depth information on your products or services to your target audience. However, nowadays, getting to the point with short-form videos can be actually more effective to get your brand out there.

Not only does it take less time to create a short video, but this type of format is perfect for the fast-paced attention spans of online audiences across many demographics. 

balloonline note: Investing more time and energy in creating tik-toks and reels is the way to go in 2022 if you want to reach bigger audiences and have more engagement with your brand.

Companies will get more involved in social responsibility

As we mentioned before, social responsibility should become a bigger part of a brand’s marketing strategy if they want to ‘get to’ younger audiences. And even though 31% of marketers say social responsibility is not necessarily effective when it comes to campaign performance, 45% still plan to invest in it in 2022.

The reason behind it?  Social responsibility, ethics, and transparency are of increasing importance to the consumer. People want to invest in and buy from brands that are involved in social matters they care about and take a stand on being more responsible.

balloonline note: Being more involved in your local community and hearing your customers and their grievances can help you better understand their needs and wants.

Conversational marketing will become more predominant

What is conversational marketing, you might ask? Conversational marketing is a way in which you can talk to your audience one on one to improve customer experience and sales. These conversations can be made through live chat, chatbots, voice assistants, and more.

In 2022, this type of marketing will be on the rise because of its favorable business impact. Better communication with customers means your business can shorten the sales cycle and significantly improve the marketing funnel.

In order to use this marketing trend effectively, personalization is a crucial factor. More automation using AI will lead to conversions based on users’ previous experiences with a business. Another direction we’ll see in conversational marketing is the usage of video chats. Unlike text-based chatting, it will be more common for customer support and sales reps to set up video calls. 

balloonline note: Although it’s more difficult to set this up, it can be very practical for your business. So if you haven’t already, you should start thinking about automating a part of your conversational process with your customers.

Ads will shift to other platforms than Facebook

Tik Tok, Pinterest, and even Snapchat have shown an increase in popularity when it comes to advertising.

According to statistics, ads on Pinterest can generate twice the return on ad spend for retail brands, compared to other social media channels.

While Snapchat isn’t as popular for marketing like Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat advertising statistics show that the potential advertising audience on Snapchat has increased notably. 

Also, don’t forget that Apple announced in 2021 that it will block the ability of Facebook to target a significant segment of its users, so it’s essential that brands start to look at other platforms. 

balloonline note: Doing advertising tests on other platforms than Facebook should definitely be part of your 2022 marketing strategy since it can help you tap into and reach new audiences.

Now you know what trends to keep an eye out for in 2022. As long as you are open to change and experimenting with all the new features this year will bring us, your business won’t fall behind. And if you need help with keeping your business up to date with everything new emerging in marketing and social media, you can always count us in to help you.

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