Use email marketing to send personalized news and offers, to increase sales and keep your audience informed. Don’t forget the 2 most important aspects about this marketing channel :

  • Has the highest conversion rate!

  • Social media is “rented land” that you don’t own.

So if you truly want to know your customers and make them happy, email marketing is the step to take!

  • Build a strategy for short & long term
  • Create both written and visual content
  • Design email templates
  • Manage email lists
  • Automate the process

When someone searches on Google for a particular term, weather it is a product or a piece of news, Google would throw a list of searches for you. But when looking closely, you will most likely notice that the top and the bottom results, are, in most cases, ads. That’s how Google AdWords work. The thing is, getting result out of it might be a troublesome, lingering process especially when it is not being done properly. Our tip? Do not fret about it.

It all comes down to getting the best response from your online traffic and it starts with testing and identifying the keywords and all the important elements of your site. Every bit of effort, put together in boosting your sales, and getting your business ready to scale.

  • Set the budget
  • Choose the right keywords
  • Do market & competition research
  • Create the AdWords campaign
  • Track the conversions
  • Celebrate

Get a business consultant that will provide solutions to specific challenges, will present and implement new ideas and procedures and will facilitate methodologies and systems that enhance efficiency. Among those solutions, you will find out what is the best advertising money cannot buy, how your customers define your business and why transparency builds credibility.


Defining your business is the first step in your marketing plan. Being specific in your short and long term goals will help you deliver a true brand experience that will make your customers associate with YOU! We will work together for YOU to become the customer’s first choice by clearly understanding their needs.


What we offer is a long term committed partnership whose only purpose is to build your business from the ash or from the seed, by using our every tool, mean, skill and strategy. For those determined to make the best out of their brand, we are absolutely willing to put our every service to good use. Come hell or high. Will you ?