Brothers in arms

The business world as we know it is a war of attrition designed to be won by those who can overtake the market on their own and make their brand stand out alone. An unjust war whose consequences fall hard on the business environment itself, but even harder on the customers. In the light of this, we have decided that it’s time for the business world to change. We are Brothers in Arms. We are digging common trenches for the mutual benefit of businesses and costumers, establishing long term partnerships, and we relinquish the casualties of taking as much as we can for ourselves by replacing the commissions with discounts, offers, and better prices. We give YOU what is not fair for us to take from each other. And that, we believe, is the key to a satisfying win-win situation.


Blugento is a performant SaaS eCommerce solution build on the solid foundation of Magento, that offers all the functions an online store needs in an easy-to-use platform. With Blugento shop owners can take their mind off the technical infrastructure and focus on growing their business. “Platform for growth” is our motto and we are tailored for eCommerce success.

G Square

With more than 22.000 worked hours, over 30 clients and around 100 videos, WE bring guerilla filmmaking to Brothers in Arms’s vast arsenal. This is where the guerilla tactic comes into play, employing a small team of highly trained professionals to execute precisely targeted and premium video commercial, video explainer and mixed media content.

Victor Petric

Victor is a young sculptor, with a strong passion for visual arts of all kinds, which he chooses to express by taking breathtaking photographs with his phone and sharing his art, as well as his vision, feelings, and genuine fondness for the streets, people and life of Cluj-Napoca.